These are some questions that I thought one might ask but if you have any more please feel free to email me at info@fotozas.ca

Can more people and/or pets be added to our session?

Yes of course !!  Extra people and/or a well-behaved pet can be included in most packages with the exception of a boudoir session, cake smash & mini session.  Additional people are $20 each and pets are $10 each.

How long before my images are ready?    

Mini sessions should be ready in approximately one week whereas full sessions can take up to two weeks (sometimes it may take longer if I have quite a few sessions to edit).

How far in advance should I book my session? 

The sooner the better so that you can get the date & time that works best for you.

Indoors or Outdoors?

Depends on the session, some sessions are done indoors only such a newborn and cake smash sessions but I love outdoor pictures so if the weather is cooperative I’d rather be outdoors!

Is a deposit required?

Yes, there is a $20 non-refundable deposit required to book your session.  

What should I wear?? 

Wear whatever you would like… they are your photos and I want you to be comfortable :O)

If I pay for my session in advance can it be transferred to someone else?

Unfortunately, if you do pay for a session it must be used for your own session.

What if I would like another dvd or would like my images put on a dvd?

I would be more then happy to do that for you, the cost if $15 per dvd.

Should we bring anything with us ?

You can bring whatever you want … if you have a favourite shirt or your child has a special toy or blanket that you would like in the photo please feel free to bring it along.

What forms of payment do you accept?

I accept cash and e-trasnfers and paypal (*Please note that paypal and e-transfers must be received before your photo session*)

Where can/should I send my images to be printed off ? 

I personally use Costco, the images print out nicely with almost zero cropping needed… even enlargements turn out great and the prices are really good too !

What happens if the weather doesn’t do what we want it to?

If the weather doesn’t cooperate we will re-schedule !!  …If your session is time sensitive there is always the option of a studio session.

Fotózás what ?!?   

It’s pronounced foto-za.  Translated it means photography or photo shoot in Hungarian.  My husband and I came up with the name one night while trying to figure out a name for my business.