{ i’m published !!! }

a couple months ago i received an email asking if a photo i took could be used in a magazine.  at first i was shocked & stunned because at that point i had only been a photographer for about 3 1/2 – 4 months but of course i jumped at the amazing opportunity!!   i knew what magazine, what issue and approximately the date that the image would be featured in but i kept all the information to myself, only a few people knew about it.  sure enough i was out shopping and saw the magazine which i was told wasn’t supposed to come out until may 9th but i saw the issue on the stand may 6th so i flipped through it and on page 83 i saw my image!!!  it was the most amazing & surreal feeling ever!!  i bought all the issues and the lady at the check out asked my why i was buying so many copies so i told her and then she asked me to show her the image.  well, there was a line up behind me and the lady made sure the while check out knew that i was the photographer who took the picture and the cute little old lady behind me shook my hand and said she had never met anyone famous before.  at the time it was kinda embarrassing since i’m not all about being in the spot light but i laugh about it now and smile about it too.  perhaps this will open a door or two for me… we’ll see!!!

here’s the image, it’s on page 83 in the June 2012 issue of CANADIAN LIVING Magazine !!!! (**i might be a little proud ;O))